ELAINE RICHARDSON has been the owner of Sally’s Treats and Treasures since November 2021. She is an art historian and teaches at Cincinnati State and Wilmington College. Her areas of interest include the Dutch Renaissance, Baroque Painting, Postmodern Installation, Street Art and Film. Elaine’s interest in the store began because of her love of cooking and gardening.


Who was Sally?

Sally’s Treats and Treasures was started by Laura Kristal in 2013 as an ode to her grandmother, Sally. Originally meant to be a restaurant and “whatnot shop,” Laura created a store full of new and vintage kitchenware for the home cook and professional chef.


Visit us in Spring Grove Village!

MON, WED, SAT, 11–3
or by appt., text: 513.500.3683
701 East Epworth Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45232