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(Spring Grove Village)

701 East Epworth Avenue

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Open every Saturday and Monday, noon until 6:00 pm.


4170 Hamilton Avenue

Cincinnati, OH 45223

Open every Wednesday, noon until 6:00 pm.

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There’s more to come! We’re working on the site. Sally’s has a great selection of lightly-used, affordable kitchenware for sale. Most items are for the home cook, not commercial kitchens. Our goal is to help make cooking easy, affordable and fun.

We are looking to add more potlucks, classes, recipe exchanges and discussion groups. Watch this space for news — or better yet — share your ideas for events you’d like to attend!

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Calling 916-300-8367 is the quickest way to get in touch, but feel free to send an email with your question, suggestion or donation!​

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Yes, you can...

Several people have asked if they can donate to Sally’s. We are not an official nonprofit, so donations are not tax deductible.

If you would like to donate items for the store, call or send us an email (use the form above) to contact us about your items. We pick up if all items fit in a car.

If you would like to donate some time working in the store, this may be possible! Call or send an email for this as well.

We also gratefully accept monetary donations toward the kitchen renovation. Our Paypal link is here:


Moving or just clearing things out? Sally’s may buy your cookware. Email or call us to learn more.

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